NEAR APAC is an official NEAR Foundation event and is positioned as the premier blockchain conference in the APAC region.

Through a series of insightful events running from June to September with the main conference scheduled for 8 – 12 September 2023NEAR APAC brings together 100+ global blockchain leaders to discuss blockchain’s unlimited future through the latest blockchain technology updates, development trends, and how blockchain ecosystems drive Web3 mass adoption. With 8000+ participants including global crypto leaders, multi-chain ecosystem builders, Web2 and Web3 enterprises, VCs, universities, global media outlets, exchanges, investors, and blockchain enthusiasts, NEAR APAC is a great opportunity to not only gain insights into the Web3 space but also expand your connections and understanding about the local industry of APAC region, with a special focus on Vietnam, the country currently ranked #1 in the global crypto adoption index.


The theme of this year’s NEAR APAC is “Unlimited Future”. It’s all about discovering the latest advancements in blockchain technology and experiencing the power of multi-chain decentralized applications (dApps) designed for APAC users, with a special focus on Vietnam – currently rank #1 in the global crypto apoption index.

We do this through insightful and engaging panels, presentations, keynotes. As blockchain revolutionizes the world with its scalability, stability, security, and safe instant transactions. Join with us and become part of the next technological revolution.


What does NEAR APAC bring  you?

Thought Leadership

NEAR APAC hosts panel discussions with world-renowned experts, and networking opportunities for investors and technology enthusiasts.

Extensive Reach
Connect with 8,000+ attendees, 100+ global speakers, 300+ web3 projects, 1000+ developers, 100+ enterprisers, and much more!

Strong Networking
Build relationships with the most influential decision-makers, developers, and investors in the blockchain space.

Engage with the products and services from global blockchain companies, from startups to global enterprises and beyond.

Astounding Innovations
Discover new Web3 applications that are changing industries on a global scale.



Elevate your ideas

Becoming an exhibitor or sponsor at NEAR APAC means placing your brand in front of some of the biggest investors, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders in the blockchain space.

You’ll make amazing connections that will lead to exciting business opportunities. As an exhibitor or sponsor, you can get exposure to 8,000+ attendees, 300+ Web3 Projects, 1,000+ Developers, 100+ Media partners, 50+ Major Media & Major government news sources, and more.

Showcase your products at a bespoke booth.