If you want to communicate with the blockchain community, the most immediate and impactful route is through a presentation at NEAR APAC. Bringing together the leading voices in crypto, NEAR APAC provides attendees with the opportunity to learn from the most influential and established opinion leaders in the space, who play an instrumental role in shaping the ecosystem.


At NEAR APAC 2023, we believe that outstanding speakers and compelling content are the keys to a successful event. Our carefully curated lineup of speakers includes accomplished C-level executives and visionary founders who are leading the way in shaping the digital asset economy.

We receive a high volume of inbound requests in addition to our proactive outreach efforts, so we recommend submitting your application early and ensuring that your proposal is not only engaging and informative but also relevant to our audience.

We look forward to reviewing your submission and potentially having you join us as a speaker at NEAR APAC 2023.

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