NEAR APAC is an official NEAR Foundation event and is positioned as the premier blockchain conference in the APAC region.

Through a series of insightful events running from June to September with the main conference scheduled for 8 – 12 September 2023, NEAR APAC brings together 100+ global blockchain leaders to discuss blockchain’s unlimited future through the latest blockchain technology updates, development trends, and how blockchain ecosystems drive Web3 mass adoption. With 8000+ participants including global crypto leaders, multi-chain ecosystem builders, Web2 and Web3 enterprises, VCs, universities, global media outlets, exchanges, investors, and blockchain enthusiasts, NEAR APAC is a great opportunity to not only gain insights into the Web3 space but also expand your connections and understanding about the local industry of APAC region, with a special focus on Vietnam, the country ranked #1 in the global crypto adoption index.

Organizers: NEAR Foundation, GFI, VBI


NEAR Foundation is a non-profit foundation headquartered in Switzerland that is responsible for contracting protocol maintainers, funding ecosystem development, and shepherding core governance of the NEAR Protocol. NEAR Foundation exists to enable community-driven innovation to benefit people around the world.

The NEAR Foundation’s ultimate goal is to minimize its own scope and footprint by continuing to devolve functions and resources to the ecosystem; and support the development of decentralized infrastructure necessary for those ecosystem functions to operate in a self-sufficient manner.


GFI is a Venture Capital Firm in Vietnam. We accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain by focusing on blockchain education, incubating and investing cutting-edge Web 3 projects

– One of leading blockchain company in Vietnam

– Have vast networking

– Organized many blockchain events with scale up to thousands of participants

– The first Blockchain Academy in Vietnam with the biggest dev community


VBI stands for Vietnam Blockchain Innovation, which is the first academy in Vietnam that focuses on blockchain technology. It boasts the largest community of Vietnamese developers, as well as a research forum and academy. VBI hosts various events, including bootcamps, blockchain courses, and hackathons in different programming languages such as Rust, Solidity, Move, and Kadence, Javascript.